Create a diary.

I know I often say how it is good to talk but I also know that expressing your feelings through talking can be hard. Sometimes you don’t want to talk. Sometimes you can’t talk because it’s too hard and sometimes we feel like there might not be someone around to talk to about what we want to talk about. It’s important to know that this is ok but it’s also important not to bottle those feeling up otherwise we end up exploding like a bottle of fizzy pop that’s been shaken up too much. So, if you’re not up to talking it is a good idea to have a different outlet for expressing yourself.
Something you can do is decorate a diary ready to write down your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you have an old pad somewhere or you could make one by folding a few pieces of paper in half. You could use stickers, felt tip pens, or even cut out positive phrases from a magazine. Once you’ve personalised your diary, you can get writing. You may not decide to write but instead doodle drawings in it instead that give you reminders about what and how you’re feeling. Whatever you do, it may well be that in a few days time you want to share what you have written, when you have calmed down or feel differently. It’s also ok if you just want to keep you diary as a place where you write things and don’t use it to talk in the future. The important thing is that you’re writing down how you feel if you can’t talk about your feelings.
If you make one and you want to, maybe you could take a picture of it and email the picture to school. I’d love to see your front covers for inspiration for my next diary.

I hope this helps you if you’re struggling to talk.

Stay safe!

Love from Miss Mallalieu

Positive thinking paper chains

Hello there!

Lots of things are changing at the moment and it is really important that we try to stay positive as these changes happen. Some of you will be going back to school, whilst others won’t and that might worry you or make you wonder why things have to be different for different people.
We haven’t made these decisions, they are decisions that have been made for us and that can sometimes really unsettle us. It is important to remember that although other people might be deciding things for you, you are the one that can turn that upside down and make it positive.
Remember how important it is to talk at times like this.
I am going to set you a challenge today where you sit down with someone and talk about things that might be bothering you and make those worries into something more positive.
A positive thinking paper chain is an easy and fun way to get people in your house talking about thinking positively.
Get whoever you choose to talk to and yourself to write down and talk about the things that worry you most.
Look at your list together and work out how you can turn these into a positive. Next to each one, write down in a bright colour how you can make this positive. If you can’t make them positive, just replace that with a positive thought instead like “I am safe” “I am healthy” “I am loved” “Mum is there for me” or “My best is good enough”. Once you have done this, you can make a paper chain giving each mantra a different colour like you have on your written list.
Write each mantra on each part of the paper chain before you link them all up together. Once you have made this positive paper chain, hang it somewhere you can see it as a daily reminder to think positive thoughts and breathe.
I hope this helps and you have fun making it but most importantly, I hope it gets you to share your worries because that’s really important.

Let me know how you get on. I’m really missing you all very much and it would be love,y to know you have made one of these.

Stay safe,
Love from Miss Mallalieu Xx

Stress balls

Hi, I hope you’re all ok?

I know this is a favourite for many of you and your parents too!
Here is a reminder of how to make them.

You will need –

Two balloons
A funnel
Flour, rice or play dough

  1. Using a small funnel, fill a small balloon with the flour, rice or play dough.
  2. Tie the end.
  3. Cut the narrow end of the second balloon. Strategy this balloon over your filled balloon in order to double wrap it for extra security. The grown ups in your house will thank you.

Stress balls make a great fidget toy for you and can distract you from any u wanted feelings you might have.

Stay safe!

Love from Miss Mallalieu

Calming crafts and games

I know how crafty many of you are so I have written you some ideas for some activities you might like to do and make.
Stress sock
Fill an old sock with something soft. You could use bubble wrap, foam packaging, a washing up or shower sponge, rolled up socks or scrunched up wrapping paper. Tie a know in the top of the sock or use a hair bobble or elastic band to keep the contents in. Squeeze and release the sock in a rhythm that feels right for you.
Sense draw
Make a space in a cupboard or drawer for things that will help you when you’re feeling anxious or worried. Make sure you choose things with a noticeable smell, taste, feel, colour or that make a noise. You could include shampoo or soap to smell, a mint to taste, a fluffy sock to touch, a brightly coloured drawing or wrapping paper to look at or a plastic container with beads or dried pasta in to shake.
First aid calming kit
Find four things to hold or feel. You can choose things like a blanket to wrap around yourself, a smooth stone to hold, something that was given to you by someone important to you, the lyrics of a happy song or a poem that makes you feel positive. Put them in a bag or a box in your room. When you feel under pressure, worried or upset, choose one item out of the box to hold while you remember a time that you felt safe or calm. After two or three minutes, replace it and choose another. You can do this as many times as you like.

I have also listed some games below for you to play from the Childline calm zone. There is a game where you can design and make a room with all the things you would like in it to help you calm down. I have done this activity so you can have a look at my room below and it might give you some ideas. I also really liked a balloon game where you can write down your worries, put it in a virtual envelope, blow up a balloon and attach your worry to the balloon before letting it float away.

I really hope there are some ideas that you like here. Let me know which one you enjoy most if you do do any.

Stay safe,

Love from Miss Mallalieu Xx


Books really are a great way for you to cope with your worries. They not only help you to relax in a quiet place on your own and escape to an imaginary world but they can also help you to learn some coping strategies too. They can be full of helpful hints and tips to help you with all sorts of different emotions and feelings.
There is a really good book you can read called “There’s a bully in my brain” by Kristin O’Rourke. I think some of you would really like the character called Justin. I also think some of you might have the same kind of worries Justin has too. This book is also really good because of the tips it gives you for when you might be feeling worried or anxious not just because of the story.
Another book some of you might like is one that I have done for you that Mr Smith is going to post tomorrow (Wednesday 20th May) on Twitter and Facebook. It’s called “Everybody worries“ by John Burgerman. If you get a chance, listen, it might be really helpful for you. Let me know what you think.
If there is anything you would like help with or something you would like to see me write about on the Blog, let me know.

Stay safe!

Love from Miss Mallalieu xx

Butterflies in your tummy.

This “Butterflies in your tummy” activity is a way you can talk to someone about your worries, fears and anxieties. It is very important that you do this activity with a grown up you feel comfortable talking to.
Draw, paint or print some butterflies of different sizes and cut them out.
On each butterfly, you can write down a worry or fear. As you do, talk to the adult you are doing this activity with about where you feel this worry in your body, such as “butterflies in your tummy“.
If you have different size butterflies, it’s a really good idea to put small worries on smaller butterflies and things that worry you more on the bigger butterflies. This way, it’s easy for you and the grown up you’re working with to see which things bother you more than others.
Once you have worked out the things that are bothering you, draw a butterfly net and write down strategies in the net that help you feel better when these butterflies in your tummy come. These might be things like, counting to ten, going for a walk, colouring a picture or squeezing a stress ball. This way, you can imagine the net catching the butterflies in your tummy as you use the strategies in the net.

Here are some butterflies you could print or trace if you don’t want to draw your own.

Let me know if you think this will or has worked for you. I would love to know.

Stay safe,
love from Miss Mallalieu Xx

Are you worried?

It’s easy for people to say “Don’t worry” but you need to know that it’s absolutely ok to worry and we all do it. You might find that you have worried more over the last few weeks than ever before and that is absolutely normal.
Over the next few days, I’m going to put different activities on this Blog to help you if you are worried. Today’s activity for you is a “Worry box“.

Worry box

Very often you might feel as though you are controlled by your anxious thoughts or worries and feel like you can’t stop them. It might be that you can’t stop talking about certain things or topics, and you might often feel frustrated that you don’t have someone around all the time to listen. Although you might have people at home, sometimes they are doing their own things or it may be that they are working from home and don’t have chance to talk to you at the exact moment you need them to. A great activity for you if you are struggling with worry or are feeling anxious is a “Worry box”. This activity can be really simple or you can choose to get more crafty if you would like to.
You could simply draw a jar, cloud to float your worries away or even a monster to eat them up on a piece of paper and write your worries inside or you could decorate a jar or box however you like. You could maybe use glue, stickers, glitter, felt tips or whatever you have at home. As you are making your box, think about where you’re going to put it. This box will be somewhere you can put and keep your worries when you don’t have the time to think about them with someone else. You can write your worry on a piece of paper and place it in the box or jar to be talked about with someone at home at a later time when it is good for everyone.

I really hope you enjoy this activity and it helps you.

Note for parents – This activity will give children a sense of control over their worries and anxiety, and you can set aside a certain time of day to talk about their fears. When they no longer feel as though they need to address a certain worry that is in the box, the piece of paper can be ripped up and thrown away, which is a therapeutic activity in itself.

Let me know how you are all getting on.

Stay safe! Love from Miss Mallalieu Xx